Executive Producer/Director/Director of Photography

Mark Pinksten

Mark seems to live many lifetimes in a short period of time.  He has been a professional Musician and Songwriter, an Actor, Newpaper Reporter, Used Cartoon Salesman, An Author, Recording Studio Engineer and A Computer Security Expert that has taught Internet Security at NASA, The Department of Defense, various Armed Forces and certain 3 Letter Government Agencies, and most of the top e-business companies on the planet. He currently provides training services for a very well known security company when he is not making films.

In his spare time, He produced and starred in The Allstar Magic Revue and Halloween Magic two magic and illusion shows that toured the U.S.

He owns and operates a company that handles corporate video productions.

He is the driving force behind Serious Penguin Films


Catherine McNair
Associate Producer, Location Manager,  Publicity,

Catherine goes to college, has an internship, Works in an exclusive retail fashon store, dances at least one a day, and helps out on a lot of the films duties. Sleep is not an option!

Izzy Lee

Script Supervisor and Clapper Operator


Lighting, camera assistance, and Sound recording

Lisa Tompkins

Photos for WebSite from 1950s Shoot

Helena Owens

Creative Consultant and Casting