Electric is  short dealing with two dysfunctional characters.

Electric takes place in an apartment with two characters Bianca and Raymond.

The dialogue is fast and furious and deals with love, death, the rich, the  poor, race relations, and the weather.

Sometimes, serious, sometimes comic, Electric is an interesting look into the  lives of the two main characters.

Director Mark Pinksten is filming Electric in an unusual way. He will have  two separate casts play Bianca and Raymond. One cast will be playing the  characters in the 1950's and one cast will playing the characters in the Present  day. He plans to weave casts together to tell a story of Raymond and Bianca.

The result will be three short films. Electric 1950. Electric Now. And a version in which the time shifts from the 1950's to the present and back whenever the lightning strikes.

Electric was finished in Spring 2003. Electric Now should be ready by October 2003 and the Lightning Version with time-shifting in November 2003.

Electric was written by Jessie DiGiacinto as a play and the play was  produced for the first time in Spring 2001. In The same year. the book to  Electric won a national drama competition at a awards celebration at the Kennedy  Center for the Arts in Washington DC.

This is the second work by Ms. DiGiacinto was filmed by Serious Penguin  Films. In the spring of 2002, The Draft, A New musical. The Draft was completed in Summer 2002.